#She Is Activated.

First of all I would like to thank Ps At and Nyretta Bishoff for hosting the awesome conference. We truly appreciate it, im sure most of the ladies will agree that they were Ignited!!!

#She Ignites Women’s conference was a blast and an explosion of fashion flavours and colours out of this world.  We were not only Ignited but my eyes are still recovering from all the kinds of African attire from the Friday night dress up competition.  African fashion rocks and I’m just talking about the traditional wear,  don’t get me started with modern fashion 😉  its a designers dream and inspiration every where you go .  Anyways here are some of the awesome garments that were created by N. J. 7. 


Peplum top with high waist pants rocked by the awesome Sinazo.


Wonderful 3/4 pants worn by my friend Siphokuhle (top I would take no credit for as awesome as it looks 😉 )

The next outfit was refashioned.



After :


Dress worn by my marvelous big sister Thando.

Hope to see you soon awesome readers and bloggers. This is just the beginning of our journey (^_-).
Thank you for your awesomeness.

Contact(leave a comment) me if you need to design,  make new garments or to refashion old to new.


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