The Runway Called Life.

Who says only certain people qualify to be models?

Every day before I go out,  I am preparing for the biggest fashion show people have ever seen and participate in ever,  this show is called life.  I am not only getting ready to showcase outfits designed by people by who want to write the history of fashion but I am getting ready to be an audience in other people’s shows as well. Each and every one is a model in their own lives and an audience in someone else’s life,  showcasing the latest while setting future trends without even realising it. Everyday as you look in the mirror…


preparing to go out you are anticipating the audience’s response even though they do not realise they are your audience and you,  yourself don’t know that you are showcasing.

I hereby officially invite you to be a model in your show, to walk and dress with confidence knowing that you are history in the making on your way to a great future.


Date: Every day is a brand new show.
Place :Every where and anywhere.
Occasion : Life.
Theme: Dress to Conquer and Ignite the world. 

Sometimes you get a front seat in other people’s shows but others you watch from the sidelines. Life is full of fashion,  every week is a fashion week and every day you not only get inspiration but you are an inspiration for some of the shows you get to participate in,  whether for a new look or even a design for some designers.  You are your own stylist and a super model for this show, make it count.


Church is one of the best places that I go to and would recommend you do so to,  not only for the best shows but for the awesome services to which the show is a cheery on top.  Here you see all kinds of trends and get inspiration that is out of this world. The best part is you also get to inspire, you are after all a model in this show as well.  Every service I not only look forward to the overflow that God has in store for me,  but the for the shows I get to see before and after the service.  As a designer you can imagine the amount of ideas I get from every service.

This year what I am looking forward to the most is Women’s Conference #SheIgnites 2016. From the 12th – 14th of MAY,
O. M. G!!!  Its going to be epic ladies are pulling all the stops to be there and look awesome while at it. There is a buzz of expectations in the  atmosphere not only to be Ignited but to dress up as well. Especially the Friday where there will be a competition(opportunity to dress up ladies… 😉 ) running for the best dressed,  there will be two categories; African head gear only or full African gear. Ladies everywhere are preparing their sishweshwes others lending their mom’s Ziqolos, hope it doesn’t become war especially if the moms also want to be at the She Conference as well…

The conference will be running both in Bloemfontein and Pretoria (one conference two location).  The conference is hosted by the awesome mother of the house Pastor Nyretta Boshoff. Guest speakers are Pastor Wendy Treat

and Pastor Pushy Watson.

Ladies it’s going to be out of this world!  A chance to not only be Ignited and prepared for your world but to get inspiration from other ladies on how to dress while conquering it as the supper model that you are in this fashion show called life.

Conference info:
Ticket prices
* Single – R220
* Mom and 2 Daughters – R 500.
* Mom and 3 Daughters – R 650.
* Students – R 180.
Tickets available at computicket and CRC Foyer.
More info contact:
BFA 051 525 2883
PTA 012 807 2364


What have you got to loose…

This is an opportunity for, the best sit and the best show in the world!
#You will definitely Ignite!!

See you there.


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