Many similarities, but one you.


Every single day I am surprised to see the different women that this world has. Sure, things fall into categories the different fashion style, the type of figures that women have and so on, but even under all the categories and forms out there, there is only one you and you might find people who have characteristics like yours but there still will be just one you at the end of the day.

Fashion has no limits and in all its limitless glory there is that style that is just what you need. This is the  one style that was simply made for you, I mean three of us can wear the same dress but we will never wear it the same because there are  tons of factors that come into play when you look at all three women wearing the  same outfit. Number one for example might wear it sexy, while two does cute and three does elegant. Some women can pull all three off while others can only pull one look off. This is not to say you are now less of a woman than the other it just simply says you are uniquely you and there is no other you but you. Hence there is no other look or style but your look.

Now for a challenge:

First go and explore for your look.

Second own it.

Lastly wear it with confidence then you are armed and ready for anything that comes your way without having to worry about how you look.

See this as an opportunity and as one of the many ways in which you can enjoy the wonderful creation you are.

Miss S. J Ngwenya
Miss S. J Ngwenya

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