The perfect fashion sums…

NB: No maths kit required only your bank card. Just joking

All you need is to bring out the fashion guru within you.

Tools that contribute into your shopping for clothing are as follow:

  • First find out what type of body structure you have, this will help as a  guide you on what kind of clothing items you should buy to enhance the beauty you already have. You can find a body type calculator on the this link
  • Discovering the right kind of style that just screams your name from a distance,
  • Your daily activities and  your occupation.
  • The budget you have for clothing is also essential as you don’t want to under or over spend when shopping for clothing.

Once you have discovered the perfect style for you one that suits; your personality, body and occasions that you often find yourself in like the type of work you do, then buying clothing should not be hard. What works for me and my budget is purchasing items of clothing that I feel I can go wild with by mixing them up with some of the items I already have to create different outfits for different days. Oh and… this is a secret  collecting jewellery from some special people close to me who are addicted to buying jewellery, no names mentioned well this saves me a lot if you know what I mean.vector-of-a-winking-yellow-emoticon-face-with-pink-lips-winking-and-smiling-by-tonis-pan-318 Perfect Fashion sum: 1 perfect item of clothing + perfect accessories =  Implementation into different outfits.

I will post pictures to show you what I mean and maybe you can try it out too.


Here are my first two outfits that are totally different but have more than one of the same items.


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