Welcome to my world of fashion discovery. This is where we must just let go and let fashion laugh like you mean it. We are here because as women we have realised that there is potential, potential to being 100 % you and dressing the part. After reaching the stage of being 100 %  you and feeling like your wardrobe cannot have the items to help clothe the overflowing potential that is surely to go past 100 and beyond, do not despair fashion also has is forever flowing potential that can dress any beautiful women with overflowing potential out there.

The potential for something new is always lurking at some corner waiting to be discovered by some designer or any creative person and to be put into good use by you.

Here I wrote a little piece dedicated to fashion and the world. Enjoy…

Fashion and its endlessness…

Fashion has a history, a present and is moving quickly towards the future.

Fashion is the moment that you encounter every day and you store it in your memories either conscious or unconsciously.

Fashion has a way of making people look the part and also a way of helping people express their inner self in many different ways.

Fashion is a story that contains different endless stories within it, some stories have been retold in different interesting versions, other stories are brand new with a living legacy that one day will also get the opportunity to be going down in history and maybe even end up being retold in the future as well. This is a story that started and has no end in sight, everyone is a story teller from the designers to the customer and even to those who are really not interested are part of the telling of the story. The chapters are interesting, inspiring and never ending in surprises, fashion is the story that has all our signatures stored in it till the end of time.

What’s your say what is fashion to you, and what does it symbolise?


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